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Mission and vision

Dutch design studio Demakersvan was founded in 2008. In the same year, they introduced their first product, Lalace. As demand grew, they set up a production facility in Bangalore, India, to ensure the sustainable and responsible production of all its materials. Eventually this lead to the launch of Redfort, an architectural fabrics company that designs and delivers top quality architectural materials worldwide.

At Redfort, we believe in 21st century craftsmanship for architecture. We are committed towards working with sustainable and durable materials. We offer affordable prices and create tailor made products to serve any client, both small-scale and large-scale.

We have taken every necessary step to ensure that all our factory employees are well trained as well as provided with schooling, social security, and pension funds. In 2009, we were awarded the Toon van Tuijl Design Award. The award assesses employee working and living conditions. Secondly, it evaluates the business’ impact on the economic growth and social conditions of developing areas. Transparency is at the core of everything we do. Where, when, how, and by whom our products are made remains integral to the sustainability and socially responsible production of our practice.

Shanti Bhavan.

Manufacturing of Redfort products is mainly done in India. As mentioned earlier, employees of Redfort all get a fair employment with fair wages and pension accrual. Our director in India is a graduate of the Shanti Bhavan School. This school gives the poorest people in India a chance to educate themselves and move out of their current living situations. Recently a documentary about the Shanti Bhavan School was released on Netflix. For more information about the Shanti Bhavan project, we recommend watching the Netflix trailer or the entire documentary.

Our clients

In cooperation with the design studio Demakersvan.

Redfort works together with the world famous design agency Demakersvan. Thanks to this collaboration, beautiful fences are created.

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