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‘Adding architectural ornaments to the world, one Lace at the time’


Picture a fabric on which you can direct each wire in order to form your desired shape. Vivid imagery, intricate patterns, bold graphic art; with LALACE fabrics, this is possible.

The system is simple: laced wires are merged into a wire mesh panel, and can serve as a fence, ceiling, railing or more. Whether you are looking to liven up a staircase with a custom designed pattern or install a statement-making screen around a sports park, LALACE brings character to any surface and every setting. LALACE is a play with transparency and imagination, transforming each setting into an extraordinary experience.

LALACE can tell a story in architecture, by showing both artistic or functional images. The wide range of materials and finishes provides you with the freedom to give architecture and its surroundings a unique identity.

Pattern collection

After working in close collaboration with architects and graphic artists for many years, we present our LALACE pattern collection.

The collection offers you the freedom to choose from a wide range of patterns and effectively redesign them to suit your own personal tastes. Each pattern is made of parts, ingredients so to say, and by moving them you can create a unique pattern. The height of the patterns shown below are 2 meters. They can vary in size, but 1 meter is the minimum. The LALACE pattern collection is an opportunity to create a transparent silhouette of unique patterns on architecture.

Custom pattern

As each project is unique we also offer the solution to create a custom pattern. This opportunity gives inspiring solutions to functional elements like entrees, balconies, ceilings, room dividers, enclosures,  safeguards and many more functional elements.

A pattern can be purely decorative but placed in an architectural context it becomes a new story and connects us with nature, philosophy, history, fashion, and context of the building. An architectural pattern communicates a personal message and gives identity to the area within or outside the architecture, it highlights the quality of the place where people are invited to live work and enjoy life.


Redfort Lalace Characteristics


Sustainability is a key feature. LALACE is made of high quality grade metals. It is recyclable, even after a long life of use. It is a circular product.

Redfort Lalace Characteristics


LALACE is coated with PVC or powder coating, both have very high UV-resistance.

Redfort Lalace Characteristics

Fire resistant

LALACE is extremely fire resistant and is not flammable on its own.

Redfort Lalace Characteristics


LALACE has proven to be suitable for many different environments, from -40 up to 40 degrees. For coastal areas and industries, the WELDED type is the most suitable.

Redfort Lalace Characteristics

Vandalism proof

Due to its high tensile strength LALACE can withstand intensive use. LALACE is TNO tested and passes the sandbag-impact-test.


Aside from its aesthetic properties, LALACE is manufactured to fit a wide array of indoor and outdoor uses. Ensuring safety, improving signspotting and providing privacy.

Redfort lalace applications


LALACE can be used decoratively and as a security enclosure. Openings can be changed to meet all your requirements.

Redfort lalace applications


The UV-stabilized coatings make LALACE suitable for outside. LALACE WELDED has been developed especially to be the most resistant to vandalism.

Redfort lalace applications

Room divider

LALACE is ideal for dividing rooms in a clear but subtle way, and the transparency still allows light to penetrate.

Redfort lalace applications


Due to its open character the fabrics allow natural ventilation in parking garages.

Redfort lalace applications


The special ceiling panels make it possible to project an endless pattern onto the areas above us. The panels are effective in hiding air, water, gas, and lighting systems.

Redfort lalace applications


As wallpaper LALACE can cover inside and outside walls for various purposes. Like upgrading a building during renovation, for example.

Redfort lalace applications


Because large spans can be made with the BENDED type, fewer subdivisions have to be created. Ideal for fall-through protection like vides or as an entrance net to protect pedestrians from falling objects.

Redfort lalace applications


Ideal to close large staircase openings for safety, whilst maintaining the open character of the space.

Redfort lalace applications


The specific mesh sizes of the fabrics prevent climbing and the fabrics fulfil the EU standards concerning fall-through protection.


There are two types of LALACE you can choose from. The Bended type or the Welded type.

Redfort Lalace bended

The Welded type

- Welded mesh and handcrafted patterns combined.
- Material moulded steel or stainless steel
- Less flexible; no substructure is required.
- Can be powder coated in a wide range of colours.
- Borders are finished with 6, 8 or 10 mm double rods.
- Maximum panel size is 3 x 2 meters.
- The FENCE comes in one mesh size: 50×50 mm.

Redfort Lalace welded

The Bended type

- Chain-link fence and handcrafted patterns combined.
- Galvanised, stainless steel or shite PVC coated wire.
- Less rigid; mounting is required on all sides.
- Can be delivered on roll.
- Bigger dimensions are possible.
- Multiple FENCE mesh sizes: 40×40 and 50×50 mm.


LALACE fabrics come in three types of mesh base material.

Redfort mounting illustrations

Chain-link base on
steel structure

Components: steel brackets and tie-wireSuitable for large surfaces.

Redfort mounting illustrations

Welded base, panels

Components: wooden battens and LALACE wall brackets

Redfort mounting illustrations

Chain-link base in
steel frame

Components: rods and clips suitable for railings and room dividers.

Redfort mounting illustrations

Welded base,
ceiling panels

Components: LALACE ceiling brackets and adjustable
hooks suitable for suspended ceilings.